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Unscented 16 oz AFTER SUN LOTION - for using your own EOs

Unscented 16 oz AFTER SUN LOTION - for using your own EOs

This is a 16 ounce bottle of AFTER SUN LOTION  - add lavender, peppermint, whatever your EO of choice !  or just use it as is !


As with our other products NO water in this base - you know, water is nothing more than a cheap filler in commercial lotions.  We choose to use Aloe liquid because it's always nurturing to your skin.


Aloe Vera Gel

Organic Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Coco Butter 


I was expecting this to be extremely oily due to the coconut oil and evoo --- while it's not completely non-greasy like our butters, it's MUCH LESS greasy than I would have thought.  It looks and kind of feels like a thin vanilla pudding (less the smell)  -- This does separate in due to the oil and the aloe - you will need to shake it every time you use it -- it does have a bit of an oily feel because of the coconut oil, but I have personally used it with huge success and absolutely loved it.  Just apply a few minutes before you need to get dressed so it has time to soak in.  I did not put lavender in my bottle, I cupped my hand and put the lotion in my palm and added a couple drops of lavender into the cup of my hand.  Rubbed it in and felt better within minutes.  I was significantly burned.  To the point I was burning and itching.  I am happy to say I did not peel.  I don't know how much of that had to do with this lotion, but I do know it worked as far as relieving my discomfort and helping me to go to sleep.


This product has coconut oil that hardens at any temperature below 76 degrees -- if you are purchasing this during cooler months and it has solidified or even small particles that have solidified sit the bottle in a sink of hot water or a bowl, pan, whatever -- it will completely liquify ---- during the summer this isn't a problem as it stays liquid --- but cooler months we have to deal with it ---





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