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Purple Baroque  #PurpleB5

Purple Baroque #PurpleB5

Every one of these diffuser necklaces are hand made and can vary a little.  Beading may be a different color.  The darkness of the
base color may vary.

"How do these work, you ask" - Well you fill the glass vial with your favorite essential oil. The oil seeps into the cork and softly all day diffuses through the cork. I LOVE MINE - The first one I have, I bought from another source. It is super nice and beautiful. However it was almost double the price these are. I had honestly hoped to partner with that person on selling them, but even after mentioning it to her, was never given the opportunity. I had another customer come to me wanting to partner on these. The price was so much less expensive, I was wary that the quality wasn't up to par. I would not commit to her until I saw a sample of them. She didn't send me a sample, she sent me a box of necklaces to sell.
Long story short, I got one, filled it with oil. I have worn it day and night
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