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Certified Organic Dried ELDER BERRY  ~ BERRIES ~ 1 pound package

Certified Organic Dried ELDER BERRY ~ BERRIES ~ 1 pound package

Personal testimoney - Every person around me is sick with the flu.  Family, coworkers, etc.  I have been taking elderberry syrup every day for 2 weeks and I don't have anything.  My husband even has the flu, I started him on Elderberry syrup and in 48 hours he asked me what the heck was in that stuff because he didn't even feel like the same person !  


Sambucus nigra, the name of the plant that produces Elder berries, is a large deciduous shrub that bears dark black berries. Sambucus nigra hails from Europe, and also originates from southwest Asia and northwest Africa. Our producer in Croatia keeps us well supplied with Elder berries. Other common names for Sambucus nigra include Black Elder, European Elder, Common Elder, Black-berried European Elder, boor tree and German Elder. The plant produces flowers in the summer, and the fruit comes on in the late fall months of the year. The small dark berries hang in clusters off the large shrub, and are attractive to birds who flock to the plants for late season food.

Humans eat the berries as well, and often serve them cooked in pies and jams, as well as in elderberry wine. According to some sources the berries can be toxic to some if eaten raw, however. The berries have also been used in times past as a dye or a flavoring.

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