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Magnesium Oil ~ 16 oz PLASTIC Spray Bottle ~ Sourced from USA ~ SPRAY INCLUDED
  • Magnesium Oil ~ 16 oz PLASTIC Spray Bottle ~ Sourced from USA ~ SPRAY INCLUDED

    Help your immune system out with a little magnesium

    The immune system does not usually get much of the credit for our health, but the truth is the immune system never stops fighting. Without our immune system, the body would become severely ill within a short amount of time, to which infection would soon overcome the body. Our body’s defense needs nourishment to help it to continue to fight off illness and magnesium is a mineral that can help nourish and feed the immune system. When taken correctly, magnesium can act as a booster for the immune system, reviving its “armor” or “shield” of defense to keep you healthy. It is wise to discuss magnesium use with a pharmacist to make sure it does not interact with any of your other medications.

    Bacteria and germs in the gut can be regulated with magnesium use

    Magnesium supplementation can help to regulate what occurs in the gut area since it helps the body to absorb other minerals such as potassium and zinc, and it helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. Common doses of magnesium are helpful to gain this gut benefit and make sure to not over use the mineral.

    Your muscles and nerves function better with magnesium

    The most prominent use of magnesium is with its muscular and nerve benefits, which many athletes are aware of. Magnesium use can help the muscles to calm when they are sore and it can help with the contractions during activity.

    Control inflammation in the body

     Those who are low in magnesium may experience more inflammation in the body and are at a higher risk of developing diseases and harmful conditions. Getting your magnesium levels checked from your healthcare provider is important to determine what your blood levels are.

    Prevent osteoporosis from affecting your bones

    Magnesium is important for the absorption of calcium in the body, which is needed for proper bone health. Without sufficient levels of magnesium, the bones, muscles, and health seem to diminish. Osteoporosis can affect women who are 45 years and older and many factors can increase one’s risk.

    Blood pressure

    Many people take blood pressure medication to better manage blood pressure and others prefer to be more natural about it. Exercise is a holistic way to control blood pressure, but some evidence has shown that people who eat foods that contain high magnesium content are at a better chance of lowering blood pressure. It is typically more pronounced among those who are pre-hypertensive, so the benefits are well worth it.

    Restore your daily energy levels

    One of the more common reasons of low energy levels is from toxins circulating in your body. Fortunately, magnesium use and proper magnesium levels can help your body to filter and eliminate toxins from getting to your energy.

    Help manage your diabetes

     If you have a magnesium deficiency, you might be at risk of getting type II diabetes quicker than what is considered normal. In addition, low amounts of magnesium have been linked to retinopathy. Proper magnesium consumption can help your body metabolize carbohydrates after a meal, which is typically what insulin helps with. In addition, some suggest that 100 milligrams of magnesium every day can help decrease diabetes risk by 15 percent. Just be very cautious not to take more than what is recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

    Help reduce the frequency of migraine headaches

    Some individuals who have migraines are reported to have lower levels of magnesium than from those who do not have migraines. In addition, some suggest that magnesium use can improve the frequency of migraines by about 41 percent. This is a great benefit for those who suffer from frequent migraines.

    Reduce insomnia with magnesium use

    While there is medication for insomnia, there are a number of individuals who do not want to take medication for insomnia, which has led many to move towards magnesium use. Recent studies have shown magnesium to improve overall sleep efficiency, the amount of time the individual sleeps, the onset of sleep and its latency, and the time in which individuals wake in the mornings. This is a great health benefit for those who suffer from insomnia and the potential to help older adults without medication is high.

    Reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression

    Partly through stress, magnesium levels are depleted and as a result, individuals tend to become anxious and depressed. Diet plays a major role in making sure magnesium levels are sufficient and if diet is not meeting the daily needs, it is wise to seek the advice of a pharmacist to ensure proper dosing with a supplement.

    It lowers your cancer risk

    If the world was able to reduce cancer by almost 15 percent, there would be a significant drop in the number of diagnoses. The good news is that taking magnesium may help to reduce the overall risk of cancer by 13 percent in those who take it regularly. 

    Improve flexibility in your body

    While a sound flexibility and stretching program is important for improving your flexibility in muscles, magnesium can help improve your elastic properties in muscle fibers. Consuming regular amount of foods high in magnesium can help to accommodate a healthy lifestyle and flexibility program.

    Improve the strength of your teeth

    Magnesium is important for calcium absorption to help improve the integrity of your teeth. In addition, sufficient levels of magnesium help to eliminate high levels of phosphoric acid from harming your enamel and your teeth, which is responsible for tooth decay. Consuming regular amounts of magnesium can be helpful for your teeth and taking the right amounts can be highly beneficial.

    pH balance in the body

    Some foods and beverages cause your body to become more acidic or alkaline, depending on the source. When this happens, your body needs to use its buffering system to keep it in constant management. In addition, your body produces lactic acid during cardiovascular exercise, which causes your body to fatigue and become acidic. Too much acid in your body is highly dangerous and magnesium use can help to correct this.

    Prevent constipation

    One natural benefit of magnesium use is the natural effects it has on bowel health. Magnesium is commonly used to help the body cleanse and eliminate toxins from the intestinal tract, which turns into a strong laxative.

    Prevent asthma from getting to you

    Those who suffer from asthma are better able to manage their breathing when they take magnesium supplementation. Since magnesium aids in relaxing the muscles, it acts in a similar way in the bronchial tubes by preventing bronchospasms. Due to this, the individual has a better chance to breathe.

    Prevent muscle cramps

     Magnesium use can help soothe and calm the muscles to help prevent the cramps from starting altogether. Talk with your doctor, pharmacist, or qualified healthcare provider for proper dosing if you are experiencing leg cramps.

    Stop a heart attack from occurring

    Magnesium use can already help reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure, but one of the best benefits from its use is to prevent a heart attack. Through the protection from irregular heartbeats, magnesium, can shield and protect your heart from damage and stress.


    Topical Use

    Source: Home Remedies Journal



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