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HEALTHY COOKING ~Rebecca Park Totilo ~

HEALTHY COOKING ~Rebecca Park Totilo ~

Imagine transforming an everyday dish into something extraordinary—using only a drop or two of essential oil can enliven everything from soups, salads, to main dishes and desserts. Boasting flavor and fragrance, these intense essences can turn a dull, boring meal into something appetizing and delicious. Essential oils are fun, easy-to-use and beneficial, compared to the traditional stale, dried herbs and spices found in most pantries today. Health food should never be thought of as mere fuel for the body, it should be enjoyed as a multi-sensory experience that brings therapeutic value as well as nourishment.


For years we have limited the use of essential oils to scented candles and soaps, in the belief that they were unsafe to consume (and some are!). However, more people are realizing the value of using pure essential oils to enhance their diet.


In Healthy Cooking with Essential Oil, you will learn how cooking with essential oils can open up a wealth of creative opportunities in the kitchen. Pack with over 100+ traditional recipes to experiment with, this cookbook also includes:

  • Exhaustive directory of essential oils and herbs commonly used in cooking and some of their therapeutic properties.
  • Blending techniques for creating favorite essential oil flavor groups.
  • Quick pinch substitution guides for spices and herbs.
  • Ways to use hydrosols for marinades, dressings, and dipping oils.
  • Easy, super fast recipes for making your own seasoned and flavored salts.
  • Charts galore for knowing which essential oils to use for smoothies, flavored honeys, and more.



Size: 201 Pages;

8½" wide x 10" tall x ½" thick.
Published in 2015. Softcover.

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