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HEAL WITH OIL ~  Rebecca Park Totilo ~

HEAL WITH OIL ~ Rebecca Park Totilo ~

Spices, resins, and other aromatics were an integral part of ancient Hebrew culture. People of the Holy Land used fragrant plants for maintaining wellness and promoting physical healing. They also understood the ability of plant oils to enhance spiritual states of worship, prayer, confession, and cleansing from sin


Since the creation, fragrant oils have been inhaled, applied to the body, and taken internally. The benefits extend to every aspect of being. Buried within the passages of scriptures lies a hidden treasure—possibly every man's answer to illness and disease. Now you can learn the secrets of essential oils and discover divine health.


In this expanded edition of Heal with Oil, Certified Aromatherapist Rebecca Park Totilo discusses various aspects of every fragrance in the Bible:

  • Rich biblical history and/or pagan roots.
  • Spiritual significance, symbolism, and hidden meanings.
  • Healing properties, including traditional uses, medicinal properties, and applications.
  • Scripture references, Hebrew or Greek meanings, and usage.

Based on scientific research, data sheets for over 30 essential oils show the breakdown of the chemical components, helping to identify therapeutic benefits and safety information.



Dimensions: 416 pages;

5½" wide x 8½" tall x ¾" thick.
Published in 2016. Softcover.

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