Green Car Diffuser - 12v Connection

Green Car Diffuser - 12v Connection

Effective 4/22/2016 -- We can no longer warranty the car diffusers. This does not pertain to any diffuser purchased before this date. However, It has come to our attention that many people are buying and reselling, and while we have ZERO problems with that, we can no longer offer a warranty for them. We have no way to know where they have been or who has done what to them. Also there are dozens of different people selling these and we had one person try to return one that wasn’t purchased from us at all. Another person admitted to disassembling hers. We can not be responsible for any diffuser that anyone has tampered with or broken the seal. We have over thousands of these out there and have too many local users that we see on a regular basis and know the diffusers are a good product. A reputable product. Yes, they are persnickity and have to be used properly and cleaned, but they work when used correctly. If you chose to not do so, then the warranty is on you.********

If you purchased your diffuser prior to 4/22/2016 and are having an issue, please try all the tips and tricks.

I have been asked what the return policy on these are - If anyone wants to RETURN them to us, I will be happy to clean and return to you at your expense. If I can't get it working again, I will send you a new one at my expense. However, ----- So far, NOT ONE that we have had stop working, once we cleaned it with alcohol and qtips didn't start working again -- I have literally ABUSED mine and it has started working again both times it stopped -- after I cleaned it well. after I cleaned the 12v port in my car. Another customer also reminded me of phone chargers and 12v ports -- I know I have plugged and unplugged my phone charger so many times over the years, jiggled and wiggled --- and finally got it working. If a 12v port will do that with a phone charger it will also do it with a diffuser. IMO - the biggest issue is the teenie tiny diffuser hole and people not using distilled water as is stated in the mfg directions. It won't take but a smathering of dirt or lime, or calcium, or anything else to clog that up.


When we first started looking at stocking the car diffusers, I was very hesitant. They had horrible reviews. We posted on our page, and had a few people say they had purchased them elsewhere and they didn't work. But then I had a couple of people that I trust completely tell me they had purchased over 300 of these and they only had one that didn't work properly. A couple of other people commented on our post that they LOVED theirs. So I decided to take a chance and purchase them.

What I am about to tell you is a combination of what the manufacturer's instructions say and what I have gained from my personal experience.

  • The mfg instructions say to only use distilled water. These diffusers have a teeny tiny diffusion hole. Regular water has minerals and such in it. Depending on your water system you could have a TON of this. Remember the lime or calcium that builds up on tubs and toilets ? Well if that is going through that teeny diffuser port, how long do you think it will be before it's completely stopped up ? NOT LONG !!
  • That being said, I did not use distilled water. I wanted to put mine through rigorous testing and see how it would preform. I used regular tap water. Not even bottled water. Just regular tap.
  • The instructions say to let the wick dry out. Each diffuser comes with 2 wicks. I suppose this is because letting the wick dry out is mandatory. I simply take mine out at night when I come home and place it in the cup holder. At this time, we do not have extra wicks for sale, but we will have them soon.
  • The mfg directions say to make sure you always have PLENTY OF WATER. I plugged mine in empty and within literally 1 or 2 seconds it started making a buzzing sound. I imagine had I left it another second or two, it would have blown the fuse. Therefore, do not let it run dry. One tank of water will last several hours so if you refill it at the beginning of the day, even if you are in the car all day long, it shouldn't run dry.
  • At the very base of the diffuser, there is a tiny fuse. If your diffuser is not lighting up at all, My guess is that the fuse is blown. We did a short video showing exactly how to remove the base and fuse. We do have replacement fuses for sale, although at the time of this posting I am not sure of the price. This is a common item that can be purchased at any hardware store, electrical supply store and probably even WM.
  • The very top, where your logo is, there is a on / off switch. It is not something you can see or even feel. But if your diffuser is lit up red, it's turned off. If the diffuser is lit up purple, you will have an intermittent stream, and if the light is blue; you should have a solid, non stop stream.
  • The first few days I had mine, I had extensive driving to do. In 3 days, I drove over 1000 miles and had the diffuser running every second I was in the car. Every time you turn your car off, the diffuser automatically goes to off (red light) -- you have to turn it back on every time. At night, this is very visible. Not so much during broad open daylight.
  • Day 4 or 5 I put Citrus Fresh in the diffuser. It stopped working. I do not know if this was from the Citrus oil, or if it was from not using the distilled water. Even though the on / off light was showing it to be on. It was not diffusing. I took the base off, removed the wick and cleaned the top and inside the top with a qtip with alcohol. It started working again immediately.
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not lose the little spring inside the wick holder. That little spring is what keeps the wick at the proper pressure to contact with the diffuser correctly.
  • Another customer brought something to my attention. Many 12 volt chargers in the car may either need cleaning, or be bad. I hadn’t thought of this, but I know with my phone charger how many times I have had to wiggle it, plug/unplug and fiddle over and over to finally get it working. That was no fault of my phone charger, but the 12 volt port itself.
  • From another customer - I found that if the diffuser gets too hot from being in a hot car it will quit working but when cooled starts up again. Love my diffuser! I keep it out of the sun now:) that helps. I live in Ca and already seen some hot days.

In a matter of just over a week, I have probably run my diffuser 20 hours. It has been nothing but a pleasure. I have used many different oils. Today I diffused Immupower. My thought process was being in such a small enclosed area, that I would get a huge benefit from diffusing a booster oil. Remember when our mama's made us stick our head under a blanket with the humidifier going with Vicks or something similar in it ? Well maybe not your mama, but mine did. Same type principle.

As time ticks on, and I have more to report, I will check back in periodically and update this post. Right now, this is the coolest toy I have seen in a LONG time.

I am on the 4th week of having the diffuser. It has not stopped another time. It is used daily, including this past weekend when I drove 14 hours and it was going constantly. I do believe it’s very important to keep it clean and let that wick dry out. Mine has probably been used 30+ hours since plugging it in and with the one exception of it stopping completely, it hasn’t given me one issue.

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