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Camelina Oil ~ Virgin ~  16 oz ~ Sourced from Canada ~
  • Camelina Oil ~ Virgin ~ 16 oz ~ Sourced from Canada ~

    Camelina oil can be applied topically to reduce inflammation in arthritis. When taken internally, it provides large amounts of omega – 3 fatty acids. Regular intake of omega- reduces overall inflammation. One can experience a reduction in pain, inflammation and swelling over the joint. It also boosts mobility in the joint. Camelina oil can be used as a carrier oil. It goes well with rosemary essential oil and this combination can be massaged on the inflamed joint.


    Camelina oil lowers blood triglyceride levels. This is good for cardiovascular health as it reduces the risk of heart diseases.


    Camelina oil appeals to many for its especially high smoke point of 475°F, a higher smoke point than most carrier oils, making it an ideal cooking oil for frying, grilling and sautéing.


    Aside from being a versatile cooking oil, it receives praise for its healthy balance of omega-3 fatty acids and is often taken as a nutritional supplement.


    Additionally, camelina oil contains vitamin E, a natural antioxidant.


    Camelina oil is commonly used for massage therapy and in the formulation of skincare products due to its moisturizing and emollient properties.


    Camelina oil has certain therapeutic and healing properties.

    • Antioxidant – Camelina oil is a strong antioxidant because of the high Vitamin E content.
    • Emollient – It moisturizes the skin.
    • Anti-Inflammatory – It strongly inhibits inflammation both topically and when used internally.
    • Anti-arthritic – Because of its high omega – 3 content, it can be used to alleviate pain in arthritis.
    • Hair Conditioner – It can be used as a hot oil treatment for hair.
    • Immune booster – Because of the high Vitamin E content, it boosts the immune system.


    Color, Taste and Aroma

    Camelina oil has a golden, somewhat olive oil like color. Surprisingly, it tastes like almond oil. Its aroma is herbaceous with some nutty tones.


    Camelina oil can be used as a massage oil for the skin. Because it has a nice mild aroma, it feels good during the massage. It provides ample amount of Vitamin E and omega fatty acids directly to the skin. These moisturize the skin and prevent it from free radical damage. One can perform this massage regularly to get healthier, smooth and well moisturized skin.


    Camelina oil can be used just like olive oil for a hot oil scalp massage. This provides nutrition to the scalp and gets rid of dry skin, dandruff and flakiness. It can help to keep the hair looking soft and moisturized. Its antioxidants protect the hair shafts from free radical damage.


    Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids,like alpha linoleic acid, EPA and DHA are helpful in keeping the brain, eyes and nerves healthy. As a result, camelina oil may protect against cognitive diseases, like dementia, Alzheimer’s, eye diseases like macular degeneration and nervous damage due to inflammation.



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