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ROSE ~ Anti Aging Facial Serum ~ w/ Prickly Pear, Jojoba & Rose Essential Oil
  • ROSE ~ Anti Aging Facial Serum ~ w/ Prickly Pear, Jojoba & Rose Essential Oil

    Since we know not everyone has a bottle of pure therapeutic grade Rose Essential laying around, we have made up a special facial serum with only the finest virgin organic carrier oils and pure therapuetic Rose EO --
    This serum includes
    Virgin Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil
    Virgin Organic Jojoba Oil
    Emu Oil (because emu oil is the only oil we are aware of that penetrates every layer of skin carrying with it the lucious rose serum)
    Rose Essential Oil is Pure Therapeutic Grade

    This will be packed in a dark amber glass bottle with solid poly cone cap -- there will be a dropper top included making this ready and easy to use.


    “Prickly pear is extremely high in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and 9, and the natural antioxidant vitamin e,” she tells us. “It's also rich in amino acids, which stimulate collagen production to promote faster cell turnover.


    Prickly pear cactus is also known as nopales, which has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Prickly pear contains magnesium, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins C and B, beta carotene, iron, calcium, potassium, and many other nutrients


    Prickly pear fruit contains fiber that will make you feel full for longer hours and reduces hunger pangs. This helps in weight control effectively.


    Prickly pear is very useful to get rid of pancreatitis problems. This fibrous fruit is a colon cleanser that gives relief to the pancreatic sufferer.


    This has the ability to reduce the hangover effect. Prickly pear juice reduces the production of inflammatory mediators that induce uncomfortable feeling during alcohol hangovers. This also reduces other symptoms like nausea and dry mouth.


    This fruit is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antihistamine. It also contains flavonoid that prevents the release of the compounds which help in inflammation of the joints and muscles caused due to gout, arthritis, exercise, fibromyalgia, and allergies.


    You can use prickly pear oil to make your hair glossy. This oil can give you double fatty acids and protein than argan oil that helps for attaining shiny hair. Prickly pear also contains vitamin E, that conditions hair deeply.


    The seeds of this fruit are cold pressed to prepare a beauty oil that is anti-inflammatory. This is also known to heal cuts, wounds, and blemishes. It contains skin-softening vitamin E, and vitamin K to reduce dark circles. Prickly pear seed oil is an excellent choice for mature, aging or damaged skin.


    Essential fatty acids in Prickly Pear Oil keep the collagen layer of your skin moist and healthy, this keeps your pores tight.


    This oil is unparalleled in its ability to brighten the skin and get rid of dark spots. Vitamin K helps lighten dark under-eye circles and minimize spider veins.


    Prickly Pear Oil has an extensive Vitamin E content, 895mg/kg (150% more than Argan oil). Vitamin E is a free radical scavenger and increases cell renewal. The high fatty acid content plumps the skin, reducing wrinkles and adding firmness, as well as intercepting free radical damage.


    This oil intensely hydrates the skin, it is suitable for all skin types but works particularly well on dry, mature skin.


    High antioxidant activity stimulates cell renewal, leaving you with fresh, new skin. This oil reduces redness and hyper-pigmentation.


    Prickly Pear contains the highest levels of Betalains of any known plant (more than Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberries, Gogi, and Beets). Betalains are super antioxidants with powerful anti-aging effects.


    A high (60%) Linoleic Acid content and a low (20%) Oleic Acid content makes this oil non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores and lead to breakouts.




    The essential fatty acids in Prickly Pear oil – namely it’s high (60 %) Linoleic Acid content makes it absorb wonderfully into our skin. It penetrates deeply without leaving behind a greasy residue.







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