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Walnut Oil ~ 8 oz ~ Italy ~

Walnut Oil ~ 8 oz ~ Italy ~

 Walnut oil makes a nice base oil ( carrier oil ) for massage and aromatherapy uses. 


Properties of Walnut Oil :

  • Antiseptic – reduces the risk of catching an infection on an open wound.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Because of omega – 3 fatty acids in walnut oil, it is strongly anti-inflammatory.
  • Anti-bacterial – kills many strains of bacteria.
  • Anti-fungal – Walnut oil is a strong anti-fungal, especially against Candida fungus.
  • Laxative – promotes regular emptying of bowels.
  • Analgesic – natural pain reliever.
  • Antihypertriglyceridemic – reduces the risk of developing high triglycerides in blood.
  • Anti-ageing – can slow down ageing from within.
  • Skin regenerative – It promotes the regeneration of skin cells to replace dead, shedding cells.
  • Skin toner – helps one achieve toned skin which fights sagging in skin.
  • Emollient – fine moisturizer of skin.
  • Anti-cancer – Walnut oil may have potential anti-cancer properties against a wide range of cancers. These are being evaluated. This can be attributed to the omega-3 fatty acids and other phytonutrients in walnut oil like ellagitannins. [2]
  • Antioxidant – mops up free radicals before they cause damage to the DNA and the mitochondria of our cells.
  • Weight Loss – Walnut oil may have weight loss, similar to green tea 



Walnut oil can be applied Neat ( undiluted ) on the skin. Regular application of small amount of walnut oil can provide the following health benefits for skin.

  • Reduces the signs of ageing, predominantly wrinkles. Apply it on wrinkle prone skin and massage the skin in various circular motions. It is actually very good for eye wrinkles where the skin is very thin and easily prone to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Protects the skin from free radical damage – If you are regularly applying walnut oil to skin, many antioxidant compounds get stored in the fat layer under the skin. There they provide antioxidant power as and when needed.
  • Relieves fungal infections of skin – Apply walnut oil to fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot  and candidiasis. One can mix it with coconut oil, or oil of oregano which are powerful anti-fungal themselves.
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