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1 pound Arrowroot Powder

1 pound Arrowroot Powder

A soft powder that is commonly used to make body powders silkier and smoother. It is also a natural thickner for foods and soups. For cosmetics it may be mixed with cornstarch 1:3 to provide an alternative and safer powder than talc. It also has great moisture-absorbing properties and is know to soften skin and absorb moisture. In cosmetics it is also used to help moisturizers penetrate the skin, and to thicken water based products. 

Arrowroot is very popular with cooking as it is a great substitute for flour as a thickening agent. The powder comes from the Arrowroot plant, found in many rainforests. However, there is more to this substance other than for cooking purposes as there are many health benefits with using it. For one, Arrowroot is very nutritious and is great for the digestion. In fact, it has been proven that it is better to use it than ordinary flour for people who are on a diet.
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