Illipe butter is extracted from the nuts of the illipe tree.  The illipe tree is native to Malaysia. Illipe butter has a high amount of fat. This high fat content makes illipe butter good for skin care.  With illipe nuts (borneo nuts) having 50% fat extracting fat from the nuts is very easy as compared to other natural oils and butter.


With this kind of quality and its rich nutrients concentration, the butter has been used widely to manufacture skin care products and to produce creams that can treat skin conditions. Illipe butter products have been so popular, especially in the modeling industry where physical skin conditions are a critical factor to your success in the modeling industry.

There are also medical skin conditions where the doctor will advise you to use skin products made from illipe butter, but it is always advisable to first consult a doctor before using a skin product incase you have a skin condition.


The butter is very crucial in keeping our skin cells healthy, and to make sure our skins have a healthy membrane to avoid skin ageing and other serious skin conditions. This is due to its high concentration of fatty acids, especially the EFA, s (essential fatty acids). Incase there is a deficiency of fatty acids there is an inability of the membrane by not holding enough moisture to retain firmness or plumpness resulting in skin sagging and ageing of the skins.




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